Action Types

AssignAttribute Action

Assign a value to an attribute on an Element

This type of action will be created by Bytebot when prompted to execute an operation that requires assigning a certain value to an attribute of an Element. For example, when prompted to check a checkbox, Bytebot will create an AssignAttribute action to assign the value true to the checked attribute of the checkbox.

This action will return null as it does not have any output.


1// On a page with a list that can be filtered by size using checkboxes
2const actions = await bytebot.prompt("Filter the list by size 'medium'", page);

Example of returned actions:

2 {
3 actionType: "assignAttribute",
4 xpath: "/html/body/div[1]/div[2]/div[2]/input",
5 attribute: "checked",
6 value: "true",
7 result: null
8 }